Engage Your Customers with Digital menu for restaurants

eMenu or Digital menu for restaurants is an interactive platform for customers on which they can make a virtual tour of the restaurant's kitchen and choose from the blissful list of food items. Digital menu holds information about the ingredients, methods used, calorie counts and colorful image of the food items which the customer wants to order and add their personal preferences. It enhances the overall service of the restaurants and save valuable time of the customer. Digital menu helps restaurants to engage with their customers, increase-selling opportunities, reduces table to kitchen process, easy inventory management, generate analytics and increase activity in social media. The restaurant owners can make more profit by reducing manual labor thereby increasing the efficiency while serving food thus increasing the revenue.

Digital menu for restaurants gives a novel dining experience to customers with its enhanced HD graphic presentation of products and services, which the customer will love when they browse through the one touch display. These gadgets are compatible with all IOS platforms and can be integrated with the POS system so that customers can pay their bills using debit or credit card sitting in the comforts of the table. Restaurant owners can analyze their daily operations and collect information on fast selling foods items and less favored foods. He can also analyze the customer feedbacks and suggestions on a daily basis and improve on any shortcomings. Social Media Plug-in in the digital menu allows the customers to share their feedback about the food, ambience and service and post images of the dish they have ordered. Restaurant owners can use these feedbacks to innovate promotional campaigns to attract more customers and use it to advertise their brand across different social media platforms.

The app in Digital menu for restaurants comes with many unique features like multiple language options and customization. It can be used in segments like casinos, cruise ships, hotels and bars apart from restaurants. The social sharing feature in this menu is like word of mouth publicity which can be used for brand building and bring in new customers. Restaurants can develop excellent online reputation and create customer community through social media platforms. Now many restaurants across the world are adopting customized digital menu after replacing the traditional paper and booklet menus. This innovative food ordering system makes the customer feel as if he is part of the process. Since the order from the customer goes directly to the kitchen the chef in the kitchen gets a clear picture as to what the customer needs.