Photography: Importance Of A Wedding Photographer

Photography is the art of creating the same images using electromagnetic or drawing light methods using a film or image sensors. It was invented in the 19th century by a French inventor named Nicephore Niepce who clicked his first permanent photograph of the nature. The process of photography is the use of lens which is used to focus the light which is reflected from the object on to a sensitive surface within the camera in a timed exposure. The result is that the image is electronically stored in a digital file for later display and processing. This invisible digital image is later developed chemically into a visible image as negative and positive depending on the processing method. The first photographs were monochrome which dominated for decades even after invent of color photography because of the low cost and classic looks. The contrast and tones of light and dark shadows is what defines a monochrome photography and in some black and white pictures will contain other hues which mainly depend on the processing. Blue tones in images come due to cyanotype processing and brown tones come due to albumen processing.

First color photography came into existence during the 19th century using a three color separation which was invented by a physicist called James Clark Maxwell. He used the three basic colors like red, green and blue as filters to create a color image of a monochrome photograph. Color photography has been in use for many purposes like science, business, manufacturing and recreation and family functions like weddings.

Wedding photography is the photos taken of all the activities of wedding function which usually done by a professional wedding photographer. He takes photograph of the couple before and after the marriage and covers all the functions of the wedding and receptions. Wedding photographer is in great demand and is one of the flourishing industries all over the world. Till the end of the 19th century wedding photography was confined into studios because of the use of bulky equipments but over the time technology improved and equipment became small and wedding photographers started taking photos in the venue of the marriage function. When color photography came into existence in the 20th century which were expensive and unreliable wedding photographers used monochrome photos of wedding for decades.

Photography of wedding became famous after the Second World War when film roll technology and flash lighting technology came into existence. The competition in this field forced many wedding photographers to work in the wedding location. Modern day wedding photographer uses the latest equipments and has full control of all the function and the photographs. After film rolls phased out and digital cards came into existences photos have become more sharp and the digital processing have become very easy. New wedding photographers are using creative ideas which they incorporate into the photos which contemporary and traditional. They have been mixing old and new and creating new ideas into their photos during computerized processing to give a look which no other photographer has done to survive in this competitive industry...